What Should You Do When Your Child Care Options Fall Through?

30 June 2015
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If you're pregnant for the first time, you've likely spent a great deal of the past few months planning -- making a birth plan, designing your nursery, coming up with ideas for your baby shower, or transferring job duties to other coworkers during your planned absence. Although choosing a day care is usually a part of this pre-birth planning, even the best-laid plans can sometimes go awry, and you may find yourself scrambling to find child care just before you're scheduled to return to work. In some metropolitan areas, child care centers have waiting lists months long, and may not be able to accommodate you. However, there should still be a few safe, reliable child care options open if you know where to look. Read on to learn more about some of your last-minute day care options.

Check your network

Social media has made finding last-minute child care much easier. If you belong to a local sales or services group, you may need only to post a query or request for assistance to find the names of a number of reliable child care providers in your area, many of whom may have current openings, such as A Child's View Learning Centre Ltd child care. Although you'll still want to perform your ordinary due diligence on anyone you're planning to select (like ordering a criminal background check or talking to references or other clients), knowing where to begin can give you more options.

Look into health care resources

Although you may not think about your local hospital when it comes to making child care arrangements, many hospitals have arrangements with local care providers to help secure last-minute or emergency placement. If you're truly having a child care emergency, your hospital may be able to direct you to these resources, or contact them on your behalf to help ensure that your child has a safe place to stay until you've found more permanent child care arrangements.

Try shift switching

If you or your spouse works in a facility that operates several shifts, you may want to find out whether one of you can temporarily switch to an alternate shift to help avoid the need for child care until you've lined up a permanent day care provider. By alternating shifts, you can ensure that either you or your spouse is always at home to take care of your child, while still allowing you each to get as much sleep as possible with an infant in the house.