Help Your Child Overcome Their Fear Of Attending Preschool

24 August 2016
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If you are getting ready to enroll your young child in a preschool and are concerned about them experiencing separation anxiety or feeling scared about going to an unfamiliar place, utilize the following ideas to help them cope with the transition.

Visit The School Several Times 

Before enrolling your child at the preschool that you have selected, visit the establishment with them on several occasions. Before doing so, call up the school to set up a time to take a tour. While at the school, introduce your child to the teachers and walk around with them to view learning materials, toys, recreational equipment, and the dining area. Ask the staff members if you and your child can sit with the class to experience a lesson or group activity.

If your child is intrigued by what they have experienced during the visit, they may wish to stop by the school again. Reassure your child that you will attend future visits with them. Once your child becomes more familiar with the environment, staff members, and students, they might not be fearful any longer and may be anxious to attend the school on their own.

Set Up Play Dates With Others

Join a local group that participates in play groups on a regular basis. The preschool, a church, or a local community center may be able to provide you with information about parents and children who often get together to socialize and participate in recreational activities. During each session, your child will have the opportunity to socialize with other children and you will be able to make new friends.

If you join a group that meets near the preschool that you have selected, your child may become friendly with other children who attend the school. If this occurs, they might look forward to attending the preschool so that they can spend additional time with their new pals. 

Host A Small Party In Your Backyard

Once you have become friendly with parents and children in your community, invite them to a small party in your backyard. Prepare simple food items, such as hot dogs and hamburgers and offer cold beverages. Plan some yard games for the children to enjoy, such as a beanbag toss, horseshoes, or relay races. Arrange lawn furniture for you and the parents to sit on while watching the children. During this time, ask the parents about the preschool and any tips that they recommend that will help your child adjust to the school.

You may receive some helpful pointers that will help keep your child optimistic about attending the school. While your child is enjoying the games with the other kids, they will continue to strengthen the bond that they have with each of them, which will help them remain comfortable when they attend a new school like