Tips To Help Your Little One Prevent Illnesses At Pre-Kindergarten

24 October 2018
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You've worked hard to find the perfect pre kindergarten program for your little one. Now, it's time to think about what you can do to ensure that your little one doesn't spend much of the school year sick. Here, you'll find a few tips that can help to protect your little one from sharing illnesses and bringing them home from school.


Think about all of the things that your little one touches before he or she rubs her nose, mouth and eyes. All of those germs, bacteria and other icky stuff is now making its way through your little one's system – will the immune system be enough to fight it all off?

You see the signs everywhere about washing hands – you see the hand sanitizer dispensers hanging on walls in businesses – does your little one understand how important hand washing is and how to do it properly?

So many people take the time to wash their hands, but they don't do it well enough to actually kill or remove all of the nastiness on their hands. Make sure that your little one is washing with very warm water, with soap and washes long enough to sing through the alphabet.

Vitamins and Wellness

Your little one needs to consume the right vitamins, get enough rest, drink enough water and exercise each day for his or her immune system to remain strong.

Introduce a daily multi-vitamin to make sure your little one is getting all of the vitamins needed.

Set a bedtime and stick with it. If your little one doesn't get enough rest, his or her immune system will suffer from it.

Keep your kids away from all second-hand smoke. Second hand smoke will contribute to things like ear infections, sinus infections and will decrease the capabilities of the immune system.

Talk with the pediatrician. Your pediatrician will know what illnesses are going around the area, the vaccines that can help to prevent it and advice for you to follow to prevent as many illnesses as possible this year.

Get out in the sun daily. Your little one needs a good dose of natural Vitamin D from the sun. Get out into the sun for at least 30 minutes each day to absorb all of the goodness it produces.

Your little one will have so much fun sharing things at school, but it doesn't have to be snotty noses and belly aches. Work together with your little one, the teaching staff and the pediatrician to come up with an illness prevention plan.