Tips To Help Your Little One Prevent Illnesses At Pre-Kindergarten

24 October 2018
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You've worked hard to find the perfect pre kindergarten program for your little one. Now, it's time to think about what you can do to ensure that your little one doesn't spend much of the school year sick. Here, you'll find a few tips that can help to protect your little one from sharing illnesses and bringing them home from school. Hands Think about all of the things that your little one touches before he or she rubs her nose, mouth and eyes. Read More 

3 Situations Where A 247 Daycare Is A Life Saver

2 December 2017
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Daycare in and of itself is a wonderful thing for many parents who have to work or otherwise need someone to watch their kids at times. However, a daycare that can be even more helpful is a 24/7 daycare. As this name states, this kind of daycare is always open. Here are three situations where a 24/7 daycare is a life saver.  You Work A Night Shift  If you work a night shift and no one else is home with your child, then 24/7 daycare is a great option for you. Read More 

Help Your Child Overcome Their Fear Of Attending Preschool

24 August 2016
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If you are getting ready to enroll your young child in a preschool and are concerned about them experiencing separation anxiety or feeling scared about going to an unfamiliar place, utilize the following ideas to help them cope with the transition. Visit The School Several Times  Before enrolling your child at the preschool that you have selected, visit the establishment with them on several occasions. Before doing so, call up the school to set up a time to take a tour. Read More 

Helping A Child Who Refuses To Nap At Daycare

25 April 2016
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Adjusting to the new routines of daycare can be difficult for any child, but what can you do when your son or daughter refuses to take a nap during the day? This stubbornness can be frustrating for daycare workers and leave your child feeling cranky and tired after a long day, both of which can only make your life more difficult. You should, however, be able to help your child fall into a better sleep schedule to encourage naps at daycare and leave you both feeling more refreshed. Read More 

What Should You Do When Your Child Care Options Fall Through?

30 June 2015
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If you're pregnant for the first time, you've likely spent a great deal of the past few months planning -- making a birth plan, designing your nursery, coming up with ideas for your baby shower, or transferring job duties to other coworkers during your planned absence. Although choosing a day care is usually a part of this pre-birth planning, even the best-laid plans can sometimes go awry, and you may find yourself scrambling to find child care just before you're scheduled to return to work. Read More